Supreme Boheme
Melon Head Reed Diffuser

Melon Head Reed Diffuser

Scents: Watermelon
Reminds us of: Fresh cut grass (we can't work out how why either!), Lipsmackers
Approx lifespan: We have had these in testing mode for almost 12 months now and still showing no signs of slowing down. If kept out of the sun, we expect you will receive at least 6 months of precious time with this little guy. 

Each reed diffuser comes packaged in a rope handle, brown paper bag. So perfect for gifts!

Due to the handmade and unique nature of our products, we can't guarantee that yours will look exactly as pictured. However, we CAN guarantee that it will look just as amazing, smell just as delicious and last just as long as that pictured. 

20 AUD