Supreme Boheme
El Macho Soy Candle 300ml

El Macho Soy Candle 300ml

As with all of the range of Supreme Boheme's candle, this 100% soy, chemical-free, lead-free little beauty has a fabulous scent-throw without being overbearing.

Scents: Lime, Basil and Mandarin
Reminds us of: Holy moly does it remind us of delicious mens aftershave. (the boys all love this one)
Approx burn time: 60 hours

Due to the handmade and unique nature of our products, we can't guarantee that yours will look exactly as pictured. However, we CAN guarantee that it will look just as amazing, smell just as delicious and burn just as long as that pictured. If you do have a request for a particular jar type then please just let us know during the checkout process.

20 AUD